Wall.a.be modular smart walls can do it all: creating attractive but simple partition walls separating rooms in your home, as well as demising walls between apartments, structural walls, exterior walls, wet walls and utility walls with plumbing and air distribution.  Finishing styles range from ultra-modern to as traditional as you please.

Demountable & reconfigurable walls have been used in commercial/office environments for many years. They arrive as a kit of parts rather than an assembled wall panel, and they have never had the functionality or the aesthetic to transcend the office… until now.

* These walls install quickly and easily, saving both time and money in the construction stage.
* The fascia cladding is removable at will to access the wall interior for upgrades or maintenance, and then lockable again.
* Wallabe walls are reconfigurable so your home can change with your desire or lifestyle.

Modular walls have never achieved so much or looked so good!
See for yourself: https://mywallabe.com/case_study/

Wallabe high rise config w IoT signals.png