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The team at Wallabe has developed a patented, factory-built, modular smart wall system that can be configured in a variety of ways to meet almost every construction need.  It also provides a number of timely innovative features not available on the market today.  These innovations solve several problems of today’s construction industry and simultaneously answer the changing needs of building occupants and management.

Shortages of skilled labor, increased costs of available labor, material waste and the cost of inefficiencies in conventional construction are fueling the demand for factory-made building components that can be assembled on-site quickly and reliably. The Wallabe system addresses each of these pain points in a manner that existing wall systems do not.

Building occupants, owners and managers will appreciate the flexibility of the product. The interiors of Wallabe walls are always accessible but lockable, whether for new wiring, plumbing and technology, or repairs and maintenance. The Wallabe IoT system will gather sensor data and report it back to the user for safety, security, automation and maintenance purposes, either through the Wallabe interface or in collaboration with another IoT platform.